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Curry - Das individuelle Gewürz

Curry is a spice mixture. It is native to India and often consists of many different spices, up to 30 individual spices. The number of different curry recipes is correspondingly high.

Turmeric, black pepper, cayenne (chilli), coriander, cumin (cumin) and fenugreek are among the main curry ingredients. Other spices added in smaller quantities include cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, ginger, mustard, cardamom and sweet paprika.

In India, every chef - whether a housewife or chef - often develops his own curry mix himself. It is said that there are almost as many curry combinations as there are people in India.

In addition to the deliciously exotic taste experience, however, the enjoyment of curry also has numerous positive effects on health - depending, of course, on the characteristics of the selected individual ingredients. Basically, you can put together your own curry according to the desired effect.

Therefore, we describe below the properties and effects of those spices that make up a curry.

Gewürze mit heilender wirkung

Lüneburger India Haus lietet authentische Küche

Ob süss, pikant, mild oder scharf - das Gewürz Curry verleiht jedem Gericht eine besondere Note. Gleichzeitig wirkt sich der regelmässige Currygenuss positiv auf die Gesundheit aus. Verschiedene Studien konnten zeigen, dass Curry Zivilisationskrankheiten vorbeugen, Entzündungen hemmen, den Cholesterinspiegel stabilisieren und einen positiven Effekt auf Diabetes haben kann. Auch bei Krebs soll Curry eine heilbringende Wirkung entfalten. Erfahren Sie, welche wohltuenden Beitrag jede einzelne Curry-Zutat für Ihre Gesundheit leisten kann.

Exquisite cooking since 2000

The Indian cuisine includes many different regional dishes

The variety of Indian cuisine reflects not only the enormous size of the country, but also its religious and cultural history. In the Indian kitchen, for example, you can find many elements of Oriental cuisine, but also the western influences of the former colonial powers (eg tomatoes, potatoes and chilli). The basic foodstuffs include rice, wheat and legumes.

Indian cuisine is becoming increasingly popular - and for a good reason:

No other country offers such a wide range of vegetarian dishes. But all other dishes are also served with refined spices, such as pepper, turmeric, cardamom, black mustard, bockshorn clover and more. To a real flavour.

The secret of Indian cuisine is the curry - not the curry spice we know, but a variety of spice mixes and sauces.

Many rules from the ancient ayurvedic holistic and health doctrine have been incorporated into cookery.

We attach great importance to offering you a variety of fine culinary delights from different regions of India. You can choose between mild, sharp or

Extrascharf - to your taste.

Take the time and rest to enjoy this Indian cuisine in a friendly atmosphere to the fullest.

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